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Montse Oliver

Artist Representation 2021

Paint and Easel are part of my journeys’

Montse Oliver

Artist Montse Oliver originally from Barcelona and currently based in Geneva.  Since she was frequently relocating with her husband and children to different countries, she decided to quit her corporate career and started to attend painting classes. Since then, paint and easel are part of her journeys.

Montse Oliver

Lived experiences in many different countries alongside her Mediterranean heritage are key sources of inspiration.

Landed #9

Nomad Life

Montse Oliver likes playing with locations, airport codes, geographic coordinates, flags, words, hearts and other elements reflecting her  “nomad” life.

She truly enjoys working on commissions and personalising paintings that bring treasured memories to her clients, giving the piece a special meaning they can relate to.

Somewhere in the Indian Ocean

Structured Realism

Her background in finance and accounting also influences her work, giving a structured approach to her paintings.

Montse Oliver’s artworks blend abstract and figurative styles with some geometrical elements and sometimes a touch of realism.


A tireless traveller, Montse Oliver reflects her emigration process alongside her artworks.



Mediums and Tecniques

Having experimented different mediums and techniques, she is mostly working with acrylics.  Sometimes using other mediums or materials in order to give the painting that interesting look or texture and to spark a special feeling, provoking a connection between the painting and the viewer.

Montse Oliver lived in Barcelona, Atlanta, Zurich, Winchester, Singapore and Tokyo. She currently lives and works in Geneva.
Photos copyright by: Montse Oliver